mom App
mom is an auto and smartphone app that allows for drivers (little brother) to video chat a legal consultant, and have them intervene on their behalf during a traffic stop with a law enforcement official (big brother). mom was created to relieve tension for both parties and improve the current traffic stop user experience.
Goal and Challenge
The ultimate goal for mom was to enhance the traffic stop experience by reducing stress, anxiety, confusion, and casualties between law enforcement officials and civilians during traffic stops. The challenge was to minimize the steps, effort, and knowledge required to operate the app in order for users to reach a mom legal consultant within 15 seconds of being stopped.
The most common reason for contact with the police is being a driver in a traffic stop. By involving a legal representative and visually recording the interaction between both parties we can reduce casualties and injustices and bring this gray area to light.  
Outcomes and Achievements
By implementing mom drivers and law enforcement officials are put at ease and are on their "best behavior" during traffic stops. Thanks to user friendly interface the drivers are able to reach a mom legal representative in under 15 seconds of being pull over.
Sketches, Wireframes, and User-flows
Below are hi-fi mockups of the UX of the app. You can test a simple prototype of the app here.
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